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A place to call home

To live a good family life, it is essential to have a work-life balance with a good job and a wide variety of activities for the family - North Denmark offers all of this.

Photographs: VisitNordvestkysten / Fårup Sommerland FB Page

Text: Lasse Frimand Jensen

This beautiful region of Denmark offers everything from great communities, association life, and nature experiences to sports or clubs for specific interests or hobbies, whether you are an adult, adolescent, or child. Building on trust, great public service and a rich association life, northern Denmark is a great place to live, satisfying both career and leisure time.

Education in the country

Public schools have high-quality and skilled teachers in cities and land districts. Even though living in the major cities has a lot of appeal, living in the countryside has a lot of advantages too. In terms of schools, one of the advantages is that when there are fewer children, it contributes to a closely connected neighbourhood, which helps build communities with strong social coherence. In other words, the schools in the land district offer less anonymity than the city schools and life and can create good inclusion and civic engagement in the community and associations from children and parents alike. Furthermore, infrastructure and transportation options are available in the countryside, making it possible to travel to school every day.

Leisure time for the family

In North Denmark, there are a lot of cultural possibilities and activities for the whole family. Moreover, in the different municipalities, there are plenty of opportunities to pursue hobbies and special interests in anything from arts, music or video games to associations in life or sports - there’s something for everyone!

People get to experience unique and varied sports. For example, in Klitmøller, northern Denmark, you can try surfing on one of the best surfing beaches in Denmark named Cold Hawaii. Or take a biking tour or hiking trip in the beautiful surrounding nature of Nationalpark Thy.

In Aalborg, the international NGO called “Game” offers excellent sports events and training in everything from climbing, street basket and football to parkour for a small entry fee. Their mission is to strengthen equality in opportunities, gender, health, and the general livelihood and work on creating inclusion and engagement in society. It does so through a youth-led street sport and culture initiative.

Experiencing the nature of northern Denmark is worthwhile. Visiting the long sandy beaches at the western sea and feeling the forces of nature or taking a trip to the top of Denmark in Skagen is popular with many visitors. Here you will find old fisherman’s houses, famous Danish paintings, restaurants, shopping, and a great atmosphere at the harbour. It is also popular to take a hike in the beautiful surroundings of the forest Rold Skov and walk around the lakes.

Amusement activities

North Denmark offers a wide variety of amusement activities for the whole family. For example, in Aalborg, you can visit Aalborg Zoo, where you can experience exotic animals from around the world. At the Zoo, there are activities or lectures about the animals, and families can bring their food or enjoy the food from the restaurants or cafeterias. Another activity for the whole family is Fårup Sommerland. Fårup Sommerland is an amusement park “in the woods”, with more than 60 rides and amusements, with everything from wild rollercoasters to a children’s Tivoli to a waterpark. Their newest ride, “Fønix”, is 40 meters tall and has a maximum speed of 95 km/h, which makes it Denmark’s fastest, tallest, and largest rollercoaster.

It is even possible to make an overnight trip and stay in Hotel Fårup, located inside the park. For people interested in marine animals and maritime, the Nordsøen Oceanarium is a great place to visit with the family. Nordsøen Oceanarium is northern Europe’s largest aquarium and houses a broad section of animals and plants from the North Sea.

Overall, North Denmark provides a fun and social activities for the entire family satisfying everyday activities and special occasions or holiday trips. We at International House North Denmark see the good family life as one of our region’s most vital “selling points” when it comes to attracting international citizens, so check out this website if you want to learn more about it visit:

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