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Lyndsay has more than twenty years' experience in the advertising and publishing industry, and holds degrees in Business and Desktop Publishing (print and repro). Born in the UK, and brought up in South Africa, she has the ability to understand different cultures, and is passionate about networking. She is a wife of twenty three years and mother to two boys aged 22 and 16. She loves travel, photography, art and singing rock and blues.


Editor & Founder


Managing Director & Partner

Kenneth is a Nordic Financial Manager in the Transport industry. His degree is in Finance and business obtained in the UK. Born in Norway he moved to Denmark at the age of 22. He is of Danish Scottish ancestry and lives in southern Denmark with his large multi-national family. consisting of Danish, Irish. and Brazilian heritage. He is always interested in new challenges and loves to live life to the fullest.

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Connor is taking a gap year before continuing his studies in education. Born in South Africa and moving to Denmark at a young age, he realtes to International life. He enjoys meeting new cultures, music and hanging out with his family and friends.


SoMe Ambassadors


Head of SoMe

Catherine manages our SoMe team. Originally from DC, she is currently in her honeymoon phase with Copenhagen and loves it here. A passion for traveling, meeting new people, and dabbling in other artistic endeavors outside of social media, like illustration, graphic design and podcasting keeps her busy.


Ambassador for Billund

Neelam is from India and has been living in Denmark for more than a year. She's a marketer by profession working with Flipkart, India's largest ecommerce company. She loves traveling and so far has visited 30 countries and plans to do many more once things get back to normal. Her other interests include photography, cooking and yoga.

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Ambassador for Odense

Miška comes from Slovakia and moved to Denmark in August 2018 with her boyfriend to do their Master's degrees.
Odense is the perfect city for her because it's not too large to be intimidating, but it's still exciting! She's in her last year of studies, works part-time in a fintech company and started a podcast with her friends - @humans.of.sdu. She loves watching and talking about movies, Harry Potter, karaoke nights (even though she can't sing to save her life), and pub quizzes (winning them, to be specific).

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Ambassador for Billund

Anna is originally from Italy and she's at her happiest when she can travel, explore, eat new dishes, meet locals, go on an adventure, take risks and visit her family back home. She moved to Billund with her boyfriend half a year ago. She's also building a small local business,@thehandmadepasta, volunteering in Billund and organising a ParkRun event for the town. Being part of the community (and taking Danish lessons) is for her the best way to enjoy this new place she calls home.


Ambassador for Odense

Mavi comes from Italy and moved to Denmark with her partner in August 2018.
She currently lives in Odense and is enrolled in a MA in Middle East Studies. She has many interests, including reading, baking and learning new languages just for the sake of it.

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Ambassador for Esbjerg

Oleg was born in Ukraine, but moved all over Europe during his childhood, eventually settling in Ireland before coming to Esbjerg for his Masters degree in Marketing. Some of his favourite hobbies include reading science fiction, cooking and cycling 

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Ambassador for Amager

Amelie moved to Denmark in 2017 with her husband and 2 boys from London where they had lived for 18 years. She's French and her husband is from Trinidad & Tobago: they are a very international household :-). They chose to live in Amager, close to a basketball club as they are all a bit basketball crazy and fell in love with the area. It has so much to offer: the sea, the forest etc. She set up @amagervillage to highlight what's good in Amager but also to organise events for people who live in the area: internationals and Danes. She also works from home as a freelance operations project manager with @hoxbycollective. 




Co-Owner of  The American Pie Company

With over 20 years’ experience in the advertising industry, working both in Denmark and USA, Erin has specialised in brand building and image development for lifestyle, food and fashion clientele at both national and international level. Erin attended DIS, Denmark’s Study Abroad programme in 1996 and made a connection with Copenhagen. She moved to Denmark permanently in 1998 with two suitcases and a pocketful of change. Working in the advertising industry she worked her. way up as a senior creative, as well as a voiceover artist, and then began her own brand and design business in 2006. Merging her love for food and art direction, she began food styling and cookbook design for other authors, and then proceeded to continue with recipe development, publishing two cookbooks in Denmark. While living in Los Angeles, Erin worked with several US brands on image and recipe development and upon returning to Denmark, she partnered with Dorte Prip in 2015 to introduce The American Pie Company in Copenhagen. Erin is happily married to her Danish husband and is the mother of a sassy seven year old daughter who speaks fluent “Danglish”.


President & CEO
Oxford Business Services 

Mariano has over 30 years' global experience as a business executive. He spent ten years with KPMG, twenty five years with British Chambers of Commerce (while also running his own companies) and now Oxford Business Services. He is a British citizen, who grew up in Kent, went to boarding school in Sussex and has a British university education. He has been married to a Dane for over 43 years and has held over 100 official anti-Brexit speeches. He both speaks and writes Danish without difficulty.


Communications Strategist

Conrad has 20 years’ experience as a journalist and editor. He is also an aspiring author on the hunt for a suitable publisher. He moved to Copenhagen from France in 2019 and loves to schmooze; he believes a good chat is far more healing than homeopathy. He’s of mixed Indian and English heritage and has worked across the Middle East, India and Europe. Earth is currently home and he considers himself a citizen of it. In winter, he loves coffee, croissants, candles and gin, but come summer, hawkers in Free-town Christiana are reduced to tears with his intrepid bargaining. He’s friendly and funny and cooks a mean curry. You can catch him at embassy parties or stirring up controversy at various hyggelig watering holes around the city. He’ll be your friend if you have a light.

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Career Advisor

Raised in England, Canada, the Caribbean, and the United States, Anita takes pride in a heritage that spans a multiplex of religions, cultures and continents. Anita is a certified Career Coach, has a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management and has spent the last 20 years working as a TV Producer, Advertising Executive, Communication and HR Specialist and within the area of talent management. For the last 10 years, Anita has focused on international recruitment and career development. Her company, Career Explorations, is noted for its work with helping millennials manage the “Quarterlife” journey.

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Job Consultant

Greete was born in Tallinn, Estonia and has lived in four countries and on four continents. After high school exchange year in the US, Greete caught a ‘travel bug’. Since 2010, Denmark has become her second home. Her background is within international marketing. Greete changed her career to work with her passion - to help international job seekers in Denmark. For the last two years, she has been actively creating content in Linkedin and organising different events for job seekers. Greete believes that with the right mindset, skills and tools you can be successful in the rigid Danish job market.

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Writer & Blogger

Erin is a travel writer and culture hound exploring a life across borders in Copenhagen, Denmark. She is the creator-in-chief at Oregon Girl Around the World, a blog that focuses on sustainable travel for the whole family. With a background in graphic design, photography and art history, Erin has a creative way of seeing a destination and believes that travel choices can have positive impacts for both the traveller and the communities visited. A local in Denmark since 2014, Erin has embraced the green city of Copenhagen and loves to share her insider tips. For more Scandinavian travel inspiration and Copenhagen culture, follow Erin around the world in the links above.


Blogger & Student

Bailey Ann Jensen is an American expat in Aarhus, Denmark since 2013 and is from Helena, Montana. She originally came to Denmark as an exchange student at Aarhus University for one year, where she met her Danish husband. Now living inDenmark permanently, Bailey is getting her bachelor’s degree in political science and is an international nanny for families in Aarhus. In her free time, she makes sense of her multicultural life around her with her blog about becoming a Dane: Dane in Training. For frequent new blog posts, check out her website and daily pictures on Instagram

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Journalist, Writer
& Photographer

Judy is a journalist and writer, fueled by a passion for bringing words to life. She has also been a photographer for 11 years. Her hunger for knowledge first led her to Denmark on a scholarship for an MA in Journalism at Aarhus University. Love made her stay. She is now a mother of two Afro-Viking boys. She is currently working as a freelance journalist and photographer and is always interested in a challenge.

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Head of International Community at Erhverv Aarhus

Experienced Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in an independent networking organization. Skilled in strategic planning, analytical skills, event management, and working with complex politically led organisations. A strong program and project management professional with excellent people skills and a good sense of humour.

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Born in 1990 in a village in the north-east of Romania, Narcis made Aalborg his new home since 2009. Smitten by the Danish model, he decided to get involved in the local community leading to him becoming a strong voice on the topic of usage of the local political rights by the internationals. In 2017, he became the first non-Danish citizen to run for regional elections and to represent Denmark in the Council of Europe. He holds or held leadership positions in European Youth Denmark, Europabev.gelsen, Socialdemokratiet N.rresundby, DSU Aalborg, and Frit Forum International.

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Beauty Editor - Owner of Barbara Mensah Beauty Studio

Barbara was born in London, England and relocated  to Copenhagen in 2017. She has been a professional international Makeup Artist for 11 years and a professional Eyelash Extension Stylist for 3 years. After moving to Denmark, Barbara became the owner of Barbara Mensah Beauty Studio. A stylish, cozy and chic home studio for clients to have Makeup and Eyelash Extension services. Barbara has recently launched her own brand of Organic Shea Butter, sourced in Ghana and distributed world wide. All bookings for makeup, eyelash extension services and ordering of shea butter can be made via her social media or website:


Owner of  The Pet-Agrees

Tarek was born in Amman, Jordan and from an early age has had a love for animals. He met his spouse in Amman and then soon embarked on an expat lifestyle that took him to Dubai, Prague, and now Copenhagen. Originally a veterinarian, Tarek reinvented himself professionally and decided to launch his own company. With The Pet-agrees, Tarek has combined his veterinary experience with his entrepreneurial spirit. The Pet-agrees cares for pets in the Copenhagen area, offering services including pet-sitting, walking, and more to come soon.


Founder of Active Action

Kathy was born in Poznań, Poland and has lived in 4 countries and on 2 continents. Growing up as an immigrant and a cross-cultural kid she was able to discover a multicultural world that shaped her into the person she is today. As an adult she experienced life as a re-pat as well as an ex-pat/love-pat and she is not a stranger to the challenges and opportunities that life abroad offers. Just when she least expected it, she met her Danish husband and once again packed her life in boxes and set off to live the happily ever after in the land of the Vikings and Hygge. Over the span of 10 years she has lived on Fyn, in Jylland and currently in Nordsjælland. Kathy holds MA’s in Cultural Studies and in American Studies. She has been able to combine her passion and profession as an Intercultural Trainer, owner of Active Action, public speaker, Perso-nal Brand Specialist, columnist for The International Denmark and Thrive Global. A firm believer that if you are lacking something - create it. She is the founder of Active Action- supporting International Spouses/Partners in their transitions by providing 1-1 consultations and working with companies and universities hiring Internationals as well as municipalities welcoming them. Kathy is a running enthusiast, active lifestyle advocate, collaborator, speaker, writer, wife and Mom.

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Susan is a librarian at Roskilde Library, and in charge of the English section. She does English events all year; everything from expat dinners and pub quizzes, to karaoke nights and book talks. She is also busy with Roskilde Horror, a club dedicated to scaring the town.


    Writer & Blogger

    Catriona is a writer and blogger currently living in Esbjerg, Denmark. In the decade since leaving Scotland, she’s also lived in France, Uganda and the Republic of Congo. At her blog, The Frustrated Nester, she writes about Danish  living, travel and the expat life. Her writing has also been published in the anthology Once Upon an Expat, and its follow-up Life on the Move, published in June 2019. She’s currently working on a memoir of place and home, and is also a freelance copy-editor and proofreader.


    Owner of
    Homestead Denmark

    Laura is Canadian. After years of living abroad and travelling the world, she moved to Denmark in 2007 and started her new life as an expat living in Denmark. Laura’s experience working in the Danish relocation industry, encapsulating both her experience as an ex-pat and her desire for helping people, which is WHY she started Homestead. Homestead offers Settling in Services and Workshops focusing on the day to day challenges of expats, as well as the cultural differences in both their work and daily life. “In House” consultations for International employees are also one of Homestead’s specialties. Customized, personal consultations focusing on the individual employee. Homestead. We are Your Settling in Experts.


    Owner of Donuts to Danish

    Claire began her blog, Donuts to Danish, to record her adventures in baking and creating a home for her family of five as expats in Denmark.  They moved from the East Coast to Copenhagen a year and a half ago, and have fallen in love with this beautiful Scandinavian city. Claire is  passionate about baking, the sanctifying work of motherhood, and creating simple yet special experiences. At Donuts to Danish, you’ll find mainly baking (and cooking) with a side of DIY & lifestyle and hopefully continual encouragement.


    Writer & Blogger

    As a child, I had very low self-confidence and at the age of 11, I was 5 ft 11 and I felt that I did not fit in. People used to tell me that I was too tall, too big or too loud so I decided to quiet myself down for a long time. But deep down inside, I always knew that I had a voice so, at the age of 17, I started to sing. Singing was a therapy for me, and I was blessed to perform to an audience of 15000 people at “Les Francofolies de la Rochelle” in 2013. After, almost 20 years in the music industry, I knew that I was ready to change my professional career and I had the inspiration to delve into fashion. As a result, in 2011, I created QIIM, a unique “African-inspired” clothing line.

    Through my entrepreneur journey.  I became a  visibility and branding coach. I started to help the people around me to identify what they are uniquely gifted at. I love my job!  My motto today is to empower people to take action and boost their self-esteem so they can have the life they deserve.


    Translator & Motivational Speaker

    Frej Jensen is a repatriated Dane, who in response to the current COVID-19 epidemic, created The Repat Dane, where he translates in real time press conferences into English. He also creates daily videos to the expat community in Denmark, about the questions and challenges related to the Corona situation. 

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